Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tasterlab - Free things to do in London

Photo by andrevanb

Group buy is the in thing now. It makes sense, doesn't it? If wholesaler can take advantage of economies of scale, why can't the end consumers find strength in numbers? The more people committing to buy, the lower the price will be. Brilliant.

What if I tell you that you are not just looking at a massive discount but actually getting something for free? Tasterlab does exactly that. Offering "taster" sessions, some for free and others at a steep discount, it marries the penchant for finding a new hobby and getting a great deal.

What's the deal? 

The free sessions include lessons that range from contact sports such as kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts, to ball games such as squash, racketball, badminton. Also featured are film rentals, language lessons, and private tutoring on musical instruments such as saxophone, guitar, violin, flute, trumpet, clarinet, drums, cello, just to name a few. There were a total of thirty-nine different free taster sessions on the last count.

While the rest of the activities are offered at a great discount, what's best is that you can actually attend them for free if you have enough 'points'. Points can be obtained in a variety of ways - registering, updating your personal profile, actually attending a taster session, introducing Tasterlab to your friends etc. It's just that easy.

Running out of things to do but don't wish to spend a small fortune? Check out Tasterlab, you might just discover something you love!

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