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6 Geekiest places in London - A Geek Guide to London

"Ok, make way, there's nothing to see here" (photo by Danacea)

This is a guest post from Preeti Vadgama from Hostelbookers.

Nurture your inner geek by soaking up all the preciousness of the nerd side of London.
There are tons of things to do besides the status quo sites like Trafalgar Square and London
Tower. Anyone can especially enjoy the latter, but this article is meant to introduce you to
some of the lesser-known things that only hardcore geeks would know about!

Forbidden Planet

Begin your trip to London with a visit to the number one place not only in England but the entire world to purchase science fiction and cult entertainment products. Forbidden Planet is a geek’s paradise, and you can spend just about every waking hour in there observing and trying to resist buying childhood memorabilia. You’ll find DVDs, comics, books, toys, games, more toys and more. Don’t enter with a mandate; go in and go wild.

Located: 179 Shaftesbury Avenue,  London WC2H 8JR

Old Operating Theatre

If you’re interested in the world of medicine and surgery, then there are a few places in London where you can really get deep into the practice, so to speak. There’s a place called the Old Operating Theatre, housed atop a small church and an unlikely visit for anyone not particularly geeky. The theater is the last remaining 19th century operating room, made entirely of wood. When you’ve had your fill of the place, learn more by heading to the Hunterian Museum. It’s actually part of the Royal College of Surgeons, so you can expect explicit exhibitions of human organs and vintage operating instruments. To be safe, take lunch only after you leave!

Located: 9 Saint Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY

Brunel Museum

If surgery really isn’t your idea of geek, then perhaps you’ll find your calling in the Brunel Museum. This museum is perfect for anyone interested in the early exploits of one of England’s premiere engineers, from whom the museum takes its name. It was the Victorian era, and railroads were going up alongside brazen tunnels such as that which crawls under the Thames, you be taken back to old London where history will become a part of you.

Located: Railway Avenue, Rotherhithe, London SE16 4LF

Westminster Abbey

For anyone with a level of respect for all historians that came before, Westminster Abbey supplies an interesting pilgrimage. The ancient church sits there like many a European building, beautiful and its contents visually and intellectually stimulating. This abbey, however, is attractive to all history nerds because inside they will find the remains of Sir Isaac Newton, that most famous of early scientists.

Located: Parliament Square, London SW1P 3PA

iPILOT Flight at Westfield Shopping Centre

Once you’ve paid your respects, get ready to pay a bit more at the iPILOT Flight Simulator in the enormous Westfield Shopping Centre. You might have to plan this 70 pound trip into your budget, but it is well worth it for those of you who are flight geeks. This simulator is among those used to train actual pilots. It takes ‘arcade’ to a whole new level. Don’t forget to visit The Boeing Store to get yourself kitted out with the famous plane makers’ apparel and miniature toys.

Located: Westfield Shopping Centre, London W12 7GF

Royal Observatory

To end your geek experience in London, head to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The Prime Meridian line draws the middle of the world, which passes through the observatory itself. If that is interesting, then you’re a geek and you should go. But there’s much more. You’ll find the camera obscura in the courtyard (if you look), and you can view a show of how the stars and moon came into place at the Planetarium, if you are lucky you’ll hear the real story about how the Milky Way was formed.

Located: Blackheath Ave, London SE10 8XJ

The list of geekiness in London goes on and these should get you on the right foot to see them all but if you are in need of a few more check out HostelBookers’ Geek Travel Map which include tips from Top Celebrity Geeks such as Stephen Fry and Marvels’ Ryan Penagos.

Have you come across any other geeky places in London?

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