Sunday, June 17, 2012

Islington Farmers' Market (Chapel Market) - "We Grow it. We Sell it."


A friend who studied in London came regularly to Chapel Market for his groceries shopping despite having a Waitrose right at his doorstep at Russell Square.

"It's cheaper there." he told me. I've not done a comparison though I suspect the difference is small if we are comparing like for like (with Waitrose Essential range that is). But you can't deny that there's this buzz in an open air market that supermarket lacks. Plus there's a feel good factor about buying from independent stalls instead of high street chains.

I used to frequent the Islington Farmers' Market when it was located behind Islington Town Hall. It has relocated to Chapel Market (from Baron St to Penton St) since 2010. Opened from 10am to 2pm every Sunday with at least thirty stalls, Islington Farmers' Market breaths new life to the trade at Chapel Market. I am pleasantly surprised that the website for London Farmers' Markets (which Islington's is part of) is rather comprehensive as well. You can literally track where your favourite farmer will be at.

Come next Sunday, give the supermarkets a miss and head to the Islington Farmers' Market instead. Your groceries can't get any fresher than this I suppose.


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