Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Queen Diamond Jubilee Celebrations photos - one day before


There was a spot of sunshine earlier today so I thought I'd skip down the Thames to take some photos as it would be almost impossible to get a clear view tomorrow during the Queen's Jubilee Thames Pageant. One thing led to another and I ended up walking along the Embankment, onto Westminster and along The Mall towards Buckingham Palace.

Luckily the rain held till I was well on my way home. Hopefully, it would be the same tomorrow. It's not everyday we get to celebrate a diamond jubilee, do we?

If you are still wondering about whether you should go down to Thames for the pageant, check out the best spots for the Thames Pageant. Here are some shots I picked up along the way.

Commonwealth flags on Parliament Square opposite Westminster

Whenever the Commonwealth flags are on display, I'll take some time to seek out Singapore's. It didn't take long this time round. The five stars and moon crescent sits just opposite the gate to House of Commons.

Metropolitan Police outside Clarence House

Tourists are always fascinated Clarence House, the official residence of the two Princes. There was a minor commotion when the police started to clear the path into Clarence House. Could it be some Prince Williams? A teenager beside me squealed in anticipation. It turned out to be two black SUVs, which were empty save the drivers.

Tall mast ships beside London Bridge

These ships will only be joining the 1000 boat flotilla towards the last leg of the procession downriver. Their masts are simply too tall to get through London Bridge so will be docked in the Avenue of Sails downriver of London Bridge to Tower Bridge.

Getting a good view is worth the chill

People are setting up tents along the Embankment to make sure they get the prime views for the Thames Pageant. Armed with all sorts of provisions, they come well prepared. One even hangs the Queen's 1952 Coronation flag on her tent.

Giant photo of Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977

At 100m by 70m, this gigantic photo of the Royal Family displayed outside the Sea Containers House, which is just beside the OXO Building, is the largest ever of the Queen. I'd imagine it would feel a tad unnerving for the Queen when the Royal Barge go past the photo tomorrow. After all, it's not often one would see a photo of yourself over 40 times enlarged.

Horse Parade Ground

Part of the Parade will be held here tomorrow. With spectator stands all set up, looks like it's going to be quite a show. I've still haven't figure out how the tickets were distributed in the first place. Hmm...

A congratulatory message from the Ritz

They would probably roll out the rest of their message tomorrow. "But we got a 20 year headstart over you!"

Union Jacks along The Mall

The Mall is all dressed up for the Parade, much to the delight of the shutterbugs.

Spotlights on standby

The English weather is ever so fickle. Looking at the weather today, these will be put into good use tomorrow.

A carriage heading towards Westminster Abbey

The carriage handler very nearly stopped to pose for photos. What use is the pomp if you don't bask in it?

The House Guard at the gates of the Horse Parade Ground

The things that some tourists do to them. I would probably stick that sword into them if I were the guard. He has some surprises up his sleeve too. Every so often he would do an about turn and march all the way back into the Parade Ground, much to the amusement of the crowd. No sign of his horse though. They might be needed for tomorrow's parade.

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