Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Watch London Olympics for free - No tickets? 5 spots to catch some action for free

Photo by Kaustav Bhattacharya

It's bad enough if you can't get the tickets to the world's greatest sporting event despite millions of them going up for grabs. It's worse when the event is taking place right at your doorstep. Despair not! Even if you were unlikely at balloting for London Olympics 2012 tickets, there are still ways of watching the Olympics Games for free in London.

Disclaimer: These venues are provided by Evening Standard - 399 days before London 2012 Olympics (Friday 24th June 2011 issue). I have no idea why they listed it well before a year in advance. Not everyone would keep a copy of that like me, would they? Anyway, here they are.

10K Swimming Events
Where: Serpentine, Hyde Park
Date: Women's - August 9, Men's - August 10

You'll be able to catch bits of action for this outside the ticketed area
Where: The Serpentine (1,500m swim and 10km run), Buckingham Palace and Wellington Arch (40km run)
Date: Women's - August 4, Men's - August 7

Road Race
Route: Heading south-west from The Mall, crosses Thames at Putney Bridge, through Richmond Park, past Hampton Court, around Box Hill, north through Leatherhead, Esher, Kingston, back through Richmond Park and The Mall.
Dates: Men's - July 28, Women's July 29
Time Trials - August 1

Route: Starts from The Mall, up the Embankment, past St Paul's Cathedral, round Bank, loops at Tower Hill and back to The Mall
Date: Women's - August 5, Men's August 12

Race Walking
Route: Starts from The Mall, loops at Hyde Park Corner and heads back to The Mall
Date: Men's 20km - August 4, Men's 50km - August 11, Women's 20km - August 11

Once again, the above is brought to you by the Evening Standard more than a year ago and I'm merely re-listing it. If it's your first time in London, check out Cover London in One Day. Anyway, let's hope that the weather holds up and enjoy the Games!

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