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Arriving and Thriving in London - what to look out for


This is a guest post by Priyanka Iyer.

London, the capital of both England and United Kingdom, is a leading global city. It is the largest metropolitan area in the UK, and is often touted as the largest urban zone in the European Union. It is a popular tourist spot, and not surprisingly, the world’s most-visited city.

Relocating to London is like a dream come true for many people. Many people move to London, to avail better opportunities in career and for enjoying a better lifestyle.

Why should you relocate to London?

Moving to London is always a great option, because of some of the following reasons:

1. Culture: London has a vibrant and multi-faceted culture. There are innumerable means for entertainment there. You can find it all, be it clubs, films, theatre or gigs. Besides, London is a one-stop destination for most comedians, musicians or actors. You would hence, be able to catch up with all your favourite acts. Being a cultural melting pot and a sea of diversity, London has cuisines of many different ethnicities available. You can dine at some of the best restaurants, and savour the delicious food served there.

2. Career: London is believed to be the perfect place for catapulting your career, and obtaining some of the best jobs. These jobs are however, not easy to secure and you may have to work hard like never before. You can obtain a good job in London only if you are well-qualified and capable.

Besides, there are some of the best educational facilities available in London. Most graduate career schemes are based in London, and so are major employers in media and financial sectors. If you hail from any of these industries, relocating to London is the best option for you.

3. Gateway to Europe: You would love London for its central location. It is quite close to most European destinations. You can reach Paris in just two hours, by taking the Eurostar (see how to get from London to Paris). Similarly, it takes just four hours to get to Edinburgh, via train from London.

4. Healthcare System: London has a competent healthcare system. You can also avail free healthcare services, if you become a legal resident of UK.

Challenges of Relocating to London

Moving to London and enjoying a comfortable life there seems like one of the best things to do. There are however, a number of considerations and factors you must look out for, before relocating to London. Some of these factors have been discussed below:

1. Place to live: If you think that by just sticking a pin in a map you can easily land in your perfect neighbourhood, it is time you get a reality check. Different areas of London vary in terms of facilities, transport links, atmosphere and even different kinds of people who stay there. You would need to research well for all available accommodation facilities.

London is a small place, and you may not easily get a suitable accommodation for living. It is best to start looking for a place in advance before you move to London. Try to look for an accommodation which is close to train or tube stations, so that you can save time while going for work.

2. Weather: You would not be able to enjoy long spells of sunshine in London. UK is known for its cold and wet winters. Summers in London also pass without sun for extended periods of time. Consider buying warmer clothes for yourself, before making a move to London. A few years of staying in London will acclimatize you to the weather conditions in London.

3. Job: Moving to London without a job in hand can be one of the most unwise decisions ever. There is no dearth of good jobs in London, but you need to be capable and competent enough to obtain a job in London. Make sure you move to London only when you have a good job in hand.

4. Visa: People who study and work in Singapore or other liberal countries often lament about the strict visa policies in London. A tourist visa for London allows a 6-month stay without working. If you intend to stay longer to study or work, you would require special leave for staying.

Besides all these challenges, you may also find London quite expensive. It is difficult to cope up with the expenses there. Moving to London is a big decision, especially if you don't hail from the European Union. Make sure you contemplate and make the move only when you are thoroughly prepared for the same.

Author Bio: Priyanka Iyer is a content writer associated with one-visa.com. She is an avid reader who likes to travel and study the work and business cultures of different places. Priyanka has written about different topics related to travel tips, work and business opportunities in different countries and cost-effective strategies to start a business.

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