Friday, September 14, 2012

Hackney City Farm - Frizzante, pigs and garden - in that order

Hackney City Farm London

Hackney City Farm
1a Goldsmiths Row
London E2 8QA
Tel: 020 7729 6381
A short stroll from Columbia Flower Market lies a neat little farm in the heart of Hackney. Established in 1984, it sits on the intersection between Goldsmith's Row and Hackney Road. Like the many London city farms, Hackney City Farm has a cafeteria attached to it as well.

In fact, we were there for the sole reason of getting a bite. And if LO did wake up in the middle of the meal (which thankfully she didn't), there are always the farm animals to entertain her.

Frankly, calling it a cafeteria is an understatement for it turns out to be a full size restaurant. Frizzante was almost packed when we were there on a Saturday afternoon. The interesting thing is that unlike Freightliners City Farm, most customers were in their early twenties and without little screamers in tow. Maybe it's the difference in demographics or simply because there are no other options for weekend brunch in the vicinity.

Frizzante cafe Hackney City Farm

That said, Frizzante serves a whopping good breakfast that would make any decent breakfast place proud. I had the Farmers Breakfast (£7.50), which was quite a spread. While its portion wouldn't exactly fill up a farmer's stomach, you can really taste the freshness in the ingredients. You can't go wrong with seasonal local produce, can you? With a large seating capacity (both indoors and outdoors), it's small wonder the place is a popular local hangout.

Frizzante cafe brunch breakfast Hackney City Farm

There's also this quaint little shop just opposite the Frizzante. Unfortunately, there were no eggs to be had - they were sold out almost the moment they were picked earlier that day. Instead, I got a bottle of honey (£6) produced by beehives carefully hidden away in the farm. Fresh honey is always a good substitute for sugar with tea.

The animal barns are sequestered by means of a wooden fence from the cafeteria and shop. Roosters and hens are free to roam in that square compound; LO gets a kick out of chasing them round. Other than donkeys, ducks, geese, goats, sheep, rabbits (I think I saw a guinea pig), there are two Tamworth pigs (Pearl and Pepper are their names), which pigsty is actually available on print at Amazon rolling around in the mud when we were there.

You don't have to look far for a place to rest your feet when you're done. If you don't fancy a cuppa at Frizzante, check out the garden through a gate along the wooden fence. There're some benches in there and even a small rocking horse if your little one gets bored.

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