Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quick useful tips for visiting London for the first time budget visitor


When it comes to travelling, it can be really expensive; paying for flights, accommodation, food etc can add up and be a rather unpleasant surprise for your wallet. As a traveler living off savings can be really tough, you want to be cost efficient, yet get the most out of your travelling experience. If you are on the move however, one of the best ways to try and be more cost effective is through finding cheap yet comfortable and safe hostels.

With the recent arrival of the Olympics many more people are travelling to London, which also means there is more cheap accommodation available which would appeal to students and travelers. Youth hostels in London are an increasing trend within the city; they offer affordable, safe and new accommodations which are appealing to travelers. As well as this, hostels are a fantastic way to meet other travelers and experience a new way of living, with many being located in the centre of the city, you´re in a great spot to enjoy the popular sights and attractions.

London Attractions

London, like many famous cities, has the “must-see” sights, such as the Big Ben, London Eye, London Bridge etc, and they are all great if you want to see a bunch of other tourists taking photos and ruining your shot. However, as a traveler it´s normal to want to experience all the usual hotspots with locals, maybe visit some of the other popular spots, which granted there will be tourists there for sure, but maybe less than what you would expect from standing outside Buckingham palace.

London is filled with hotspots, places such as Camden Market are budding with locals and foreigners, the gourmet food stands, quirky setting and exciting atmosphere is a magnet for drawing in the crowds. As well as this, you find a nice little spot to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy your time exploring. If you are up for a night on the town, to experience the London nightlife, this is also a great spot, packed with various types of bars and clubs; this is where old meets new. Of course, Camden Market is just one of the many markets in London. Portobello Market is for antique shopping and Borough Market is for a good weekend food hunt.

Covent Garden, another popular location, and well worth the visit it´s filled with bars, clubs and restaurants, with all of these ranging from cheap eat to a sophisticated evening meal. What makes this place such an exciting location is the added touch of old school markets which sell a wide range of products, from freshly baked goods to handicrafts. In addition, it´s a great location for shopping. Being such a popular spot, there´s also a lot of entertainment, and when I say entertainment I mean that there sure there are theatres, cinemas etc but the street theatre is something else. Just off Covent Garden is Seven Dials. With literally seven streets leading into the circular junction, you can’t really miss it.

Travelling around in London

No matter where your accommodation in London is, you can travel around so easily; London Underground (or simply the Tube) runs an extensive network across the capital and the buses are pretty handy too! Even if you are staying in London for a short while, always get an oyster card that allows you to travel on the Tube and buses at a great discount compared to if you rely solely on cash. Besides, it allows you to top up your credit at all Tube stations and it´s much easier than buying a ticket each time.

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