Monday, September 24, 2012

Shoreditch Redchurch Street graffiti art - the shutterbugs' hunting ground

Shoreditch Chance Lane Giant Rat grafitti Brethnal Green Road

Redchurch street, which is just off Shoreditch High Street, is known for a couple of things. Story Deli, the fully organic pizza joint with its ultra crisp dough and the Aubin Cinema at Club Row, a clothes shop and an art house cinema rolled into one. Also located there is the Allpress Express Roastery that serves decent breakfasts and even more decent coffees, which also supplies London's cafes with, well, Allpress coffee.

The area is also one of the favourite haunts for London's shutterbugs and for good reason too. Awaiting at the entrance of Chance Street into Redchurch Street lies what looks like a giant rat graffti that covers almost the entire brick wall of the building that lines the street. Then there's this native American Indian graffiti at Club Row sitting diagonally opposite Allpress. It was apparently drawn over a damaged ROA squirrel. Not to mention more than its fair share of what amounts to doodling along Redchurch Street itself.

Redchurch Street Club Row red indian grafitti Shoreditch

Redchurch Street grafitti Shoreditch

Redchurch Street photographer grafitti Shoreditch

Shoreditch Chance Lane grafitti

Shoreditch Chance Lane shoes hung on lamp post

Shoreditch Chance Lane Gangnam Style poster
And even Gangnum Style is making an appearance here

The next time you grab a pizza at Pizza East, why not take a stroll along Redchurch Street (go in through Chance Street)? Nothing beats a casual walk after a heavy meal. And bring along a your camera too. Meanwhile, check out Graffiti World for the world's best graffiti.

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