Thursday, October 18, 2012

Farmaround organic food delivery service, now with milk and eggs from Good Food Nation

Farmaround Organic food fruits produce

Fulfilling your 5 a day used to be as simple as popping down to the local supermarket and grab some apples, berries and bananas. Having the convenience of having our detergent and other essentials of urban living stocked together with our fruits is being no longer at the top of our list. The idea of going organic and more importantly, having them responsibly sourced is catching on.

Farmaround, launched by Izzy Lane in 1994, has pioneered the movement of bringing organic produce fresh from the local farms right to the doorsteps of urbanites. Currently serving north England, London, Greater London and the Home Counties, Farmaround has added milk and eggs from cows and chicken at Good Food Nation to their existing range of fully organic fruit, vegetables and other provisions.

At Good Food Nation, the animals are allowed to live out their entire lives instead of being slaughtered prematurely and even cared for when they are long pass their productive age. That is perhaps the greatest draw for me.

Farmaround Organic food fruits produce Good Food Nation milk

Farmaround has kindly sent us some to sample. Hand delivered in large secured paper sacks and when dispensed with the fancy packaging of their counterparts at supermarkets, the fruits look almost, well, earthly and refreshing. The fruit packs are more than enough to last for a week while the bottle of creamy milk was gobbled up by LO within two days.

All the contents of fruit and vegetable bags are displayed on the Farmaround's website. As the selection vary seasonally and it's updated on a weekly basis, there's little chance of getting tired of them. Don't feel like going up and down the supermarket's aisles? Why not have Farmaround help you source for your five a day. Sit back and enjoy the goodness of ethically sourced organic produce.

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