Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getaway Holiday in Cyprus - A warm Cypriot welcome

Cyprus beach holiday Fig Tree Bay

Nope, never been to Cyprus before. It has been on the to-do list for quite some time, right up there with paragliding and taking proper ice skating lessons. Here's a quick round up of Cyprus by Lucy West. Mighty alluring with the autumn winds setting in.

Cyprus – hot, sunny, lively and idyllic. Yes? You wouldn't be far wrong.

Protaras is just one of many lively resorts on this beautiful island, bathing in sunshine, history and nature. I think the great thing about Protaras is that it’s situated close to the clubbing resort of Ayia Napa, so if you want major partying, then it’s quite easy to get to, but if you want to stay just out of the action, somewhere a little quieter but also lively in itself, then you’re perfectly situated. In my opinion, Protaras is the perfect blend of lively and quiet, and that’s a hard blend to find!

Flights to Cyprus’ Larnaca International Airport are plentiful during summer, and the transfer is around an hour or so, depending on your hotel. As far as some of the transfers I’ve endured in the past go, an hour isn't so bad. One way to make travelling easier, less stressful and cheaper however is to pre-book airport extras. I discovered airport parking a few years ago, and haven’t travelled without it since. Check out Birmingham airport parking and see what deals you can pick up. Not only do you get to forgo the expensive airport taxi, but the convenience of travelling in your own car, and knowing its safe whilst you’re away, is something money can’t buy.

Cyprus holiday beach Fig Tree Bay church

Protaras is a great base for all this area of Cyprus has to offer, and I’d definitely recommend you get out and about a little, to explore what’s around you.

Fig Tree Bay, widely considered one of the best beaches on Cyprus is a must visit. This huge, clean, sandy beach has everything you could want for a good old-fashioned beach day, with cafes to grab a cooling refreshment, and lots of water-sports to try. There are many diving opportunities around this area too, with the famous Zenobia wreck too.

Cyprus holiday beach Fig Tree Bay pavilion

If getting wet isn’t your idea of fun, then I’d recommend a boat trip. This is one excursion I do on every holiday I go on, and I love the feeling of floating around the coastline, really taking in the scenery of my destination. Be sure to remember your camera, and of course sun-cream and a hat, the sun is very intense when out in open water. Most trips offer swim breaks if you want to cool down, and some offer lunch too – be sure to check out what yours includes, but I’d recommend haggling from a street vendor and seeing how cheap you can get your trip. Saving money is the name of the game, so remember my suggestion of extras, such as parking at east midlands airport.

Nightlife in Protaras is lively and varied. As before, if you want mega-clubbing, then Ayia Napa is close by. If that’s not what you’re looking for, then Protaras’ nightlife will be enough for you, with lots of lively bars and restaurants to choose from.

Cyprus is a beautiful country, basking in sunshine and one that many never want to leave. Why not visit, and see what all the fuss is about?

Lucy West is a keen traveller, writer and often even dabbles in photography. Based in the beautiful Kent countryside she tries to takes time out and to write and is passionate about all things social media. You can contact her at

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