Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bubbleology Soho London Bubble Tea - oh, the chewy pearls

Bubbleology Bubble Tea Soho London
Mixing up the next concoction at Bubbleology

: 45 Rupert Street, Soho,
London W1D 7PF
Tel: 0207 494 4231
Nearest Tube station: Piccadilly Circus
The bubble tea mania hit the shores of Singapore when I was still in school (and that was quite some time back). It wasn't long before there was a bubble tea shop round every corner peddling the colourful Taiwanese drink and their ever so chewy tapioca "pearls". Everyone jumps into the fray. And I do mean everyone; we have fresh graduates to mom and pop shop owners all set up with small kitchen counters and one of those cup sealers.

As the number of bubble tea shops increased, the quality decreased. Prices were slashed to a mere 40p per cup with pearls thrown in. After a while, there was less tea in the concoction and eventually some even gave up the pretence and served syrup water instead. Everything went downhill from then on and that pretty much sealed the fate of the bubble tea fad in Singapore. It couldn't be more than two years from the start till end.

After having a rather disappointing meal at Tonkotsu over the weekend, we were strolling around Soho for a tea place when we chanced upon Bubbleology.

Bubbleology Bubble Tea Soho London
Flashy display at Soho Bubbleology

What caught our eye were the tubes of neon coloured liquids at the shop's front. There were two staff in there bending their backs in deep concentration mixing drinks from pumps connected to containers with an array of colours.

The matcha bubble tea (£3.45/£3.75 for a small/large cup) was thick and flavourful without going over the top. Its pearls are suitably chewy with sheen of powdery texture on their surface - just the way I like it.

Bubbleology just another branch opened up at Nottinghill's Pembridge Road. With the queue building up outside Soho's Bubbleology, it looks like the bubble tea fever is catching on in London.

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