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Free things to do in London - some of the more popular ones

Free things to do in London National Gallery
The National Gallery - one of the top tourist spots in London

Donna Steck gives a low down of a couple of her favourite things that you can do for free in London.

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and there is no doubt about that. Nonetheless, there are several attraction for your to visit that is no cost at all. These special tourist spots are popular and shall give you a first-hand experience of the local British culture and traditions as they are now and decades ago. These range from places which showcase the British architecture, history and culture. It is quite an educational journey for the curious traveler.

First on our list is Tate Britain. Here you shall find yourself viewing the ancient British masterpieces of the 16th to the late 20th century. At Tate Britain you shall have thematic tours of one hour or a fifteen minute talk on paintings and painters all for free. You shall find a world of knowledge to gather from these sessions. Coming right up is the modern sister half of Tate Britain, known as the Tate Modern. This is beautiful building that houses a brilliant sixty thousand exhibits that free to view for the public. These exhibits are famous works of Pollok, Warhol, Rodin, Matisse and the likes. Do not forget to visit the café upstairs, not for a coffee, but for an excellent view of the river Thames. Next on our list is the Natural History Museum. This museum is a lovely Gothic revival building from 1880. It houses a fast catalogue and collection of natural things. A diplodocus dinosaur skeleton welcomes you at the entrance. Be sure to visit the T-Rex and the Darwin centre while you are there. A beautiful wildlife garden is open for viewing from the months of April to September.

London is beautiful capital city that has much on offer for every kind of tourist. If you want to make the most of all these lovely attractions, you shall need more than a week of stay in this gorgeous city. And when you have had a fulfilling and educational day at the above places, you can relax back in your hotel room or accommodation and play British best loved game of Bingo. Play online bingo at famous and trusted online bingo sites to win money and special prizes. Experience the fun and excitement of playing the traditional British 90-Ball Bingo games.

While you are in London, do not forget to visit the National Gallery. The National Gallery is the only building that receives the maximum tourist visits each year on Trafalgar square. The gallery has over two thousand European classics by Van Gogh, Renoir, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and the likes. If you want to avoid the rush hours, visit the National Gallery week day morning or Wednesday evenings after 6pm. It is one of the best free places to visit in London.

The British Museum is one of London’s top attractions and is absolutely free to the public. There are over seven million items of wonder to view and learn about at the British Museum, including the Rosetta Stone, Aztec Mosaic masks, Lindow Man etc. There are special tours called ‘The Eye Openers’ which span a duration of twenty or fifty minutes and are offered for free!

No tour of London can be complete if you have not visited the Houses of Parliament. The Palace of Westminster which is home to the Big Ben or the Clock Tower is a neo-Gothic wonder of the 19th century. It comprises of the House of Lords, the Hour of Commons and several other houses. If you want to enjoy some special antic during fiery parliament sessions, you must make sure to reserve ahead.

What's your favourite free thing to do in London?

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