Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow in London - the mini whiteout

London Snow Alfred Hitchcock sculpture
Even Hitchcock is catching a cold

There was a light snow shower in central London earlier on Friday. By light, I mean some trains are delayed but public transport in central London remained largely unaffected. It stopped snowing quite early on and kids started gathering whatever snow they could find and pelting snowballs at each other in the local park. Much of the snow melted by the next day. So much for the "blizzard" I thought.

Then it came. It started snowing on Sunday morning. Great, I thought. I can finally get some photos when the sun is out. Well, the sun did come out but the snowing just refused to stop.

The one thing about snowy days is that it's just so tempting to stay indoors the entire day. My problem about staying at home is that I tend to eat non-stop. I did run out of crisps eventually and was forced to step out to stock up.

 London snow at Hackney Shoreditch Park
This same spot in Shoreditch Park was sporting some rather convincing snowmen on my way back

London snow Regents Canal
Snow or no snow, a walk along Regents Canal is a must for some

As you can see, the camera was hardly any good with the constant snowing - I was frantically wiping it dry after every shot. Well, if you have to know, I was waylaid by the display outside Blacks in Angel. Ended up with a pair of snow shoes instead. Those make my feet look like a hundred bees have descended on them. But at least they are warm and comfy. The small spikes beneath come in handy too.

London Snow North Face Nuptse snow boots
The newest North Face addition to my collection - the waterproof equivalent of Uggs?

A pal told me that he often thinks of our sunny isle whenever the wintry January hits. That hasn't happened to me just yet. That said, I'm looking forward to spring. Meanwhile, stay warm and watch those slippery icy pavements once the snow clears.

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