Monday, February 25, 2013

Hampergifts - choosing the perfect hamper the fuss free way

Baby hamper for baby boy
Picking presents have never been one of my fortes. In fact, I firmly believe that one ends up buying someone something that one likes best. Over the years, my presents to Wife have always been electronic items without fail. Hers to me would either be shirts or cuff-links.  Not that I mind shirts but they're not exactly at the top of my Santa's list. Needless to say, I often spend more time on the gadgets I got for her.

It's an art if you ask me. Like it or not, there's a high chance that gift would be unappreciated.  That is the reason why shopping vouchers are one of the most popular gifts - cash is a tad crass and flexibility is always preferred when in doubt.

But vouchers can be rather boring, can't they? Hampers on the other hand are anything but. The thing about hampers is that everything is wrapped up neatly and you can pretty much get anything in them with some fine hampers online. Gone were the days when one hamper fitted all and the items within were haphazardly thrown together; the only difference was the price. These days, there are hampers for every occasion and you can even select the one that fits right in your budget within each category. Brilliant.

Hampergifts offers just that. Categorised by type, price and occasion, you're bound to find just the right hamper for your purposes.

Remember the last time you were cracking your head over getting a gift for your colleague with a newborn baby? Well, I ended up getting some onesies and, wait for it, some vouchers. Not exactly inspiring, I'm afraid. Hampergifts offer beautiful new baby gifts including a colour-coded hamper for the newborn - with organic baby care products, clothing and accessories essential for a young baby. Top it up with a cuddly teddy and even chocolates for the mother - all that in a handy wicker basket and you got yourself a winner.
beer hamper for summer
Come summer, Hampergifts' beer hampers would come in handy. Lagers from Italy, Peru and Czech Republic, and ale accompanied with fuitcakes, roasted almonds, chocolate cookies and biscuits. Housed in a reusable magnetic box, all your mates need is a picnic mat and they would be good to go. I'm sure they'd have you in their minds as they bask in the sun while getting tipsy.
Royal food and wine hamper
It doesn't stop there. without a doubt, Hampergifts luxury gift hampers are the top of the line. And there is something for everyone in this section if you can afford to splurge. From Cuban cigars & whisky to champagne & gourmet food and The Royal, which is crammed with cognac, champagne, port, wines and the likes fruits in syrup, Belgian chocolates, Pheasant pate, preserves, honey, roasted nuts - the list just goes on. Suffice to say that it would be more than just a pleasant surprise.

tea and coffee hamper
There need not be a special occasion to get someone a hamper. Even a simple Tea & Coffee Break hamper would delight with its cherry, coconut and honey flapjacks, double chocolate muffin, chocolate coated macadamias. With a brew of a Scottish breakfast tea or freshly grounded breakfast coffee, it can put a smile on the faces of the folks at the office even when the going gets tough.

Picking a present need not be difficult. You just have to know where to look I suppose.

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