Friday, February 22, 2013

Pitfield London lifestyle store - where one eats, shops and explores

Pitfield London display
You are not quite sure which items are for sale at Pitfield London

Pitfield London
Address: 31 - 35 Pitfield Street
London N1 6HB
Phone: 020 7490 6852
Nearest Tube station: Old Street
The East end of London is always known for its quirkiness. The graffiti art along Redchurch Street, the Hoxton Street Market where Iceland and Poundland still reigns, hip dining areas like MEATmission, TramshedPizza East and Story Deli all lie within a one kilometer radius. This is what makes us fall head over heels in love with Hoxton and Shoreditch patch.

So when Pitfield London opened its doors in Dec 2011 at Pitfield Street, it is right at home. It is a gallery of sorts, a shop that specialises in luxuries too eccentric to be displayed on Harrods shelves, and even a cafe area that actually serves a rather decent flatbread and salad spread.

Pitfield London Old Street
Pitfield London

To get an idea of what its shop offers, imagine a £1,750 vintage Guillerme et Chambron chair next to a £6 ceramic plate, a £95 glass paper weight and even a wooden rocking horse for just under £200. While you don't really get a sense of how much some of the items cost (I heard some noticeable gasps when some took a closer look at the price tags), the almost haphazard display is a treat.

Pitfield London chairs
A curious mix of furniture for sale at Pitfield London

Pitfield London gallery
More wares at Pitfield London

Pitfield London octopus
An octopus greets you at the entrance

Pitfield London cafe
Pitfield London cafe - empty on a weekday morning

Pitfield London cafe flatbread
Brie and tomato flatbread (£4.50 for eat in)

A huge octopus installation demarcates the shop from the cafe. It was packed at noon on the Sunday when we were there. It was still packed when we passed by in the late afternoon that very same day. While Pitfield London's cafe isn't exactly Ottolenghi, it offers a spread of salad options that allows for mix and match. I stole a bite from the brie and tomato flatbread that we got for the little one and ended up almost finished the entire piece.

Oh, Pitfield London sells fresh flowers at their doorstep too.

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