Thursday, February 28, 2013

Prima Taste Laksa La Mian (Ramen) - the new packaging presses all the right buttons

Prima Taste Laksa La Mian Ramen
Prima Taste Laksa La Mian (ramen) now comes in packs of four

Prima Taste laksa was our lifeline when we first arrived in London. Funnily, while I wasn't a fan of laksa back home, I was hooked when Wife brought me to the first Prima Taste restaurant at Centrepoint in Singapore years ago.

I was rather skeptical to say the least. Laksa has always been a common hawker fare that cost $2.50 at most (yes, a long time back). That Prima Taste outlet was dishing it out at three times the price. To make matter worse, they made no pretence of using its vacuum sealed prepacked ingredients. Like I said, I was immediately hooked the moment I had my first spoonful of Prima Taste laksa gravy. It has a thick creamy consistency, not too spicy and yet leaves a tinge of sweet aftertaste.

Needless to say, we stuffed our suitcase with Prima Taste laksa and chicken rice on our flight into Heathrow. Imagine our joy when we found that the Chinese grocery stores at Chinatown stocked them too. When they no longer stock it, we resorted to trekking to Wing Yip store (Cricklewood) that still have it on their shelves.

I first came across Prima Taste laksa la mian (ramen) at the Singapore Takeout event. It was exhibited in a glass cabinet; it must be quite a sight to see the bunch of us Singaporeans almost drooling when we heard that Prima Taste was thinking of bringing it to London.

Two years on, that still didn't happen. But YQ has kindly flown them over from Singapore. Instead of having to contend with a single Prima Taste laksa pack that feeds three, it now comes in a neat pack of four individual packs each with their own ingredients and thick white rice noodle. Think instant noodles with their own thick gravy.

All you need is a pot, some hot water and seven minutes of your time. I indulge myself with a huge chunk of chicken thigh (pre-cooked in the same gravy), a hard boiled egg and some kailan.

I don't think they're sold in central London yet. At least I've not come across any. If they are, I'll make a beeline for them. Until then, I'm relying on my supply from home.

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