Monday, March 25, 2013

Emma's Elephant - Author David Seow at Daunt Books

Duchess of Cambridge during the visit to Singapore holding onto Blow a Kiss

With a toddler at home, I always appreciate gifts of books instead toys that would just end up in the toy heap at the end of the day. Thankfully, that's not something short of in the UK with the likes of Julia Donaldson and Tony Ross around. LO can easily last an entire afternoon with the stack of Ross' Little Princess she has on her little shelf.

So I was pleasantly surprised when a pal back home passed me Blow A Kiss by David Seow. The book recounts the heartwarming journey of a kiss blown by a little girl just before she is tucked in for the night.

Interestingly, LO was quite taken to Blow A Kiss and she insisted that I read that to her as her bedtime story for a two weeks' stretch. We acted out the kiss' entire journey on one night, named all the items on the pages on another. I did spend some time explaining to her what exactly a Merlion is. She learnt how to count when the single kiss sprouted into several more and would recognise a dolphin by sight all thanks the that book. It's funny how much joy kids can derive from a good book.

Apparently, the same book was presented to Duchess of Cambridge during her recent visit to Singapore by the Seow's mother. You can actually see her holding a copy of that in the picture above.

Emmas+Elephant+David+SeowWell, I've just got the news that Seow will be coming down to London to promote his new book Emma's Elephant. 

Along with other Singaporean authors, Alvin Pang and Colin Cheong, he will be at Daunt Books (Chelsea) on 16th Apr (Tuesday) at 7pm.

Seats are limited so book your free ticket by call Daunt Books at 020 7373 4997. Just ask about "An evening with Singaporean Literature".

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