Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hoxton Street Bakery - this quirky artisan bakery is ready for business

Hoxton Street Bakery Tom and Matt
Barista Tom (left) with owner Matt

Hoxton Street Bakery
Address: 238 Hoxton Street, Shoreditch
London N1 5LX
Phone: 020 7729 7414
Nearest Overground station: Hoxton, Haggerston
Hoxton Street Market is the typical market street in East London. The entire stretch is dominated by two chain stores - Iceland and PoundLand, dotted with a couple of makeshift stalls that spring up during the weekends and more than its fair share of small confectionaries and diners. It's a very functional working street that has its launderette, tailoring shop, butchery and even a library and post office to boot.

The high street stores haven't invade the area. Probably not worth their effort, at least not yet. The fanciest places along Hoxton Street Market is probably Bacchus Pub & Kitchen. Forget about Ginger Pig Cafe, it bears no affiliation to Ginger Pig and it's at best an overpriced diner.

Now, that's not to bad thing at all for it means that rents are still affordable and you can still get the likes of F. Cooke (yep, the eel shop from Broadway Market).

Hoxton Street Bakery

Hoxton Street Bakery just sets up shop opposite St. Anne's Church a week ago. Instead of vying for the 25p gingerbread man market, it sells freshly made artisan bread and pastries. There's even a nice coffee machine that churns out lattes and mochas at £2 per pop.

Tom, the affable barista told me that they open from 7.45am till 4pm everyday other than Mondays. Then again, that's subject to change depending on how fast their almond croissants are flying off the shelves.

Hoxton Street Bakery almond croissant Almond croissant at Hoxton Street Bakery - a bit rough on the edges but tastes better than it looks

Hoxton Street Bakery chocolate cake
Chocolate cake - dense and rich

Talking about their almond croissants, they are actually rather good. They're not exactly Ottolenghi's but at nearly half the price (£2), it's much less heavy on the stomach. The chocolate cake is brilliant too. Rich, dense and slightly moist.

If you are in the area, do check them out. Look out for the shop with the odd looking dark red and black curtains. And the single word "Bakery" on its front.

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