Friday, April 12, 2013

London Science Museum - where to bring your kid on a rainy day

London Science Museum bubble show
The odd shaped bubble - only at Science Museum

London Science Museum
Address: Exhibition Road, South Kensington
London SW7 2DD
Nearest Tube station: South Kensington
It seems London's entire toddler population has descended in that basement. The screamers with half of the capital's very pregnant mothers are chasing their young ones together with their very exasperated looking fathers.

There is a small area on the corner demarcated as a cafe. That is for families who are fortunate enough to get a table and they are mostly likely to camp there the entire day while the kids run amok. For the rest, they can take a break on the steps just beside the cafe. But of course, they will have to contend with the hoards of school children tucking into their lunchboxes.

If you have not guessed already, I'm talking about London Science Museum. It's a museum, not a mere "centre" mind you for the entire place is stocked with historical artefacts that were hailed as wonders of science during their time. LO was transfixed at the huge steam engine chunking along in its main hall for quite awhile the last time we were there.

But what she really loves is "The Garden", a play area in the basement towards the back of the Science Museum. It baffles me till no end why they call it the Garden for there is not a shred of grass or greenery. The walls might have been painted green but that is the last thing in your mind when you let loose your kid into the area.

The water contraption within is a kid's dream come true. Water flows down from a huge tank through a series of channels and water gates spinning water wheels in the process. Throw in some multi-coloured plastic boats and you have a winner.

In the unlikely event that your kid is bored, there is a miniature playground just beside. Small sandbags can be pulled up from a pulley system (just the thing you'd expect in a Science museum) only to be chucked down through a tube at the other end.

If you can't tear your little ones from the Garden, fear not. There is a twenty minute bubble show at half hour intervals just down the corridor. The chance to poke at some very fancy bubbles would persuade even the most persistent kid.

You can easily spend the entire afternoon in that seemingly small area within the Science Museum. We haven't even touched on the flight simulator, IMAX theatre and the main exhibition area. Guess what? If the kids need more entertainment, the Natural History Museum's dinosaurs next door beckons.

Where do you bring your kids in London on a wet and gloomy day?

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