Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Pump House Cafe (Regents Canal) - just in time for the sunny weather

pump house cafe regents canal

The Pump House Cafe
Address: City Road Basin, Regents Canal
London N1 8PZ
Phone: 07883 168376
Opening hours: Mon - Sun (8am - 4pm)
Nearest Tube station: Angel
Londoners are easily contented. Just give them a bit of sunshine after a long spell of gloomy weather and they would be out in open with silly grins on their faces.

That was exactly what happened last Sunday when there was brilliant sunshine over London. We took a walk along Regents Canal towards Angel and the stretch between Wharf Road and Danbury Street felt positively festive with folks sporting sunglasses and flipflops (I kid you not) sitting by the canal, legs dangling over the water, watching the riverboats work their way up the canal lock.

In fact, all we needed was a nice cup of tea and I was telling Wife if only the makeshift cafe in one of the riverboats was there. Then we sported The Pump House Cafe.

pump house cafe regents canal

Pump House Cafe has just opened up right next to the only canal lock between Danbury Street and Wharf Road. The week old cafe still smells of paint when we stepped in. Three small tables set up outside were quickly snapped up. Two windows within let in some sunshine that flushed the interior with natural light. The perfect setting for spring time's sunny weather with intermittent blustery winds.

pump house cafe regents canal
The dinosaur cookie - kids will love this for sure

There was a steady stream of people coming in for a cuppa while we were there. For kids, they even do a dinosaur cookie. Now, that's something I've never seen before and LO was quite taken with it. Well, if she's happy, I'm too.

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