Sunday, September 29, 2013

King's Cross Carnival - The Opening of King's Cross Square

Get ready to catch!

King's Cross Square finally reopens after a £500 million revamp that lasts five years. Although it comes more than a year late for London Olympics 2012, I am a bit gleeful that the first to enjoy the concourse are Londoners instead of tourists.

The event is marked by not one but two carnivals - one at King's Cross Square and another at the nearby Granary Square. The two are linked by a free railway coach - a apt nod to the illustrious history of King's Cross station, and a joy to kids.

Joyrides including carousel, spinning teacups, ferris wheel, a three storey helter skelter are only at £1 per ride. Game stalls and food stalls put up by the surrounding restaurants, performers sporting Victorian costumes entertained the crowds, face painters offer to do up faces for the "chimney sweeper" or "plague victim". Good fun, that one.

The sporadic slight drizzle, which is typical of London at this time of the year failed to dampen the spirit of it all. Always wanted to try riding a penny farthing? You have from 11am till 6pm on Sunday 29th Sept to do so at King's Cross carnival.

Suffice to say, King's Cross is no longer dodgy.  

A carousel at King's Cross Square

Chilling out at Granary Square

Fancy being a chimney sweeper for the day?

Hanging it all out to dry...

Ferris wheel or the train? Decisions, decisions...

Horse drawn carriage go trotting on 

Whee.... the swinging chairs are a delight to the little ones

Let us see your skipping prowess

This are real spinners...

There are the three of you and three of us... why not? 

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