Thursday, September 5, 2013

Portobello Market - London's favourite antique market


It's nice to take a trip down to Portobello Market at Notting Hill every now and then, especially when the sun is out. Never mind the throngs of tourists checking out every single item that looks remotely antique. As they rush through their shopping, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I can come back next Saturday and every Saturday after that if I want to.

Then again, there has been some protests among the stall owners of landlords forcing them to shut down their business with ridiculous increase in rents. Who knows how long London's largest antique market will be around for?

For today, I'd just take some photos instead and lunch at my favourite Malaysian cafe - Makan Cafe, the essential pit-stop right at the end of Portobello Market.

Read before you go

1. If you are going there in the morning, alight at Notting Hill Gate tube station. If you are there in the afternoon, alight at Ladbroke Grove tube station. While the nicer area is nearer to Notting Hill Gate station, the whole point is not to have the sun in your eyes as you walk along Portobello Road.

2. Like all markets, don't go gaga at the first shop that you come across. Take your time and walk through the market. Bargaining is acceptable, just do it subtly with a polite smile.

3. The pastries at the stalls towards the northern end of Portobello Market look better than they taste. Avoid those deep fried prawns in a cup. They're actually fried dough - £2.50 for a cupful of jumbo prawns? You must be out of your mind.

4. Dine at Makan Cafe - ask for their fried chicken (or ayam goreng), preferably fresh from the wok.









Shall we head home? 

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