Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Discount outlet shopping in London

Looking for fashion wear on the cheap? (Photo by Chris JL)

Mention shopping in London usually lands you along Regent Street and Oxford Street; rarely would any London tourists venture beyond the the confines of the three Tube stations - Marble Arch, Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. Well, maybe Covent Garden if there is some more time.

But you aren't just any other tourists, you are a savvy one looking for bargains. There is always the option of joining the throngs of shoppers in a mad shopping spree on Boxing Day. Ransacking through the discarded heaps of merchandise occasionally getting elbowed (and delivering a good one in return) isn't exactly your idea of fun as well.

Hold on a second, there is always Bicester Village, one of the largest discount outlet shopping allotment in the UK. But if you don't fancy taking a train or coach to Bicester Village, there are still some London discount outlet stores to be had.

The little intersection between Morning Lane and Chatham Place though nothing like the huge collection of over 130 outlet stores at Bicester still houses three notable names.

29-31 Chatham Pl, London E9 6LP, +44(0)20 8328 4287

The darling of the brand conscious, its unique lines design is instantly recognisable. Burberry discount outlet store, a warehouse with racks of past years designs, is now a full fledged store with immaculately dressed and well trained staff, equipped to service its ballooning clientele from the Far East. Items an be had for up to 50% off.

7-8 Chatham Place, London E9 6LT, +44(0)20 3478 0928

Aquascutum , once one of the darlings along Regent Street, has fallen from grace since going into hard times. Even after this British luxury designer store is taken over by a Chinese fashion retailer, it hasn't exactly recovered.

The facade of Aquascutum looks promising. Step pass it and what greets you reminds me of the Burberry's store years ago. Discounted items displayed in stacks with no obvious order. It is worse as you go further into the, ahem, warehouse. You can actually see why the items are discounted in the first place. Hardcore fans might be able to find bargains, again, for up to 50%.

Pringle of Scotland
90 Morning Ln, London E9 6NA, +44(0)20 8985 9735

This discount outlet, the smallest of the three, actually looks like a proper high street store. Knitwear of various designs are neatly divided into women's, men's and accessories sections, this cosy little setup might disappoint those of regular or medium built - you'd be hard pressed to find anything with size M. For those who can find anything their sizes, great bargains can be had.

How to get there

The easiest way to get to the three discount outlet stores in Hackney would be via the Overground. The nearest Overground station is Hackney Central. For those travelling by Tube (or the Underground), you can switch to the Overground at Highbury & Islington station (Victoria Line) or at Stratford (Central Line).

The outlets are a ten minute stroll away from Hackney Central station. Head east once you're out of the station and carry on walking past the huge Tesco store (with its even larger carpark). Once you see the Pringle of Scotland's griffin, you know you're there.

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