If you are moving to London

When I first moved to London a couple of years back, I had some problems settling my accommodation. Well, it is certainly difficult, especially when I'm not too familiar about the city as well as how things work.

Wife and I did eventually figure our way around but not without getting a few knocks here and there. Well, unless you own your property (which involves a whole lot of different issues), the hunt for a property is probably a yearly affair. So I figure why not just write down what to look out for when looking for a rental property in London.

Before downloading the London Accommodation guide, here are some posts that will help kick start your move.

1. Applying for a UK work visa - difficult but not impossible

Rules have tightened quite a bit since 2010 when the Coalition government took over but there are still some visas that you are go for if you are currently based overseas.

2. 5 things to consider before moving to London

It's not just about the pay. This is the list of sites that I wish I had before I make the plunge. Would have saved me a fare amount of headbanging.

3. Cost of Living in London

Just how much is enough? Well, it really depends on what you are looking for. One surprising that I realised is that you could survive for a pittance in London if you don't mind flat-sharing and buying groceries in bulk. Of course, London caters for those who are looking for the high life too.

4. Cost of Childcare in London

Relocating when you have kids in tow is difficult especially if you aren't sure about who's going to take care of them. This one talks about what your options are in London and how much each costs.

5. Five things to do within the first month of relocating to London

Now that you got a job, what's next? You'll pretty soon realise that relocation agents/firms don't really provide you with much information beyond the bare minimum. Before you get overwhelmed, here are a couple of things to start you off with.

6. Where to stay in London - five things to look out for

Stop! Before you commit to buy or rent, check out this list first. Might just save you some anguish later on.

7. How to tell whether you are in the correct neighbourhood - 5 quick and dirty ways

What the locals know and what guide books will not tell you.

8. How to reduce your rent - 7 ways to do that

It's likely that a sizable chunk of your income is going towards your accommodation. Here are some tips of how to stretch your pound.

9. Five things I did when moving to a new apartment

The short checklist of the must do items whenever I move into a new place.

Moving to London

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