If you are visiting London

"When a man is tired of London, he should go to bed. There's plenty to do for tomorrow."

- Holly Brookwell

It's all so true for there is something for everyone in London. Royal pomp, historical landmarks, quirks, museums, plays and musicals, or simply a walk along River Thames - you could never get tired of London. And I'm saying that even after all the time I've been over here.

Well, to start you of, download a copy of London in a Weekend - a guide that I compiled if you will be in London for only a couple of days. This PDF file download might take some time and you might like to press refresh if it doesn't load after a while. In the meantime, just go through some of the posts below that will nudge you in the right direction.

Meanwhile, why not go through some of the most popular posts for visitors to London?

1. How to cover the best of London in just one day

Yes, it's next to impossible to cover London in just 24 hours but luckily most of the major (a huge disclaimer here) attractions are within walking distance. So much to see, so little time. This is for those who has just a single day in London.

2. How to from Heathrow Airport to London and back again

Sometimes it's the most mundane things that we neglect. Heathrow's a long way from London but the travel need not be a hassle. Here are some options available.

3. 10 things to do in London

Now, if you have to ask me pick, this would be the list that I would stick with. Of course, it really depends on how long you've got in London. If you miss any, there's always an excuse to return again! Guess what, if you have done all that, here's another 7 things to do if you have a wee bit more time.

4. How to save on your trip to London

A trip to London need not burn a hole in your pocket if you know where to look and here are some ways to save you a bundle.

5. Save a pile by going down the less trodden path - opt for homestays instead

Don't follow the crowd, live like a local instead. Here are a list of pros and cons of homestays with a list of things to look out for as well as the more popular sites in London.

6. 3 best places to have high tea in London

Now, now, you can't leave London without having at least one high tea. Here are three tried and tested recommendations. While you are at it, might as well head to my top ten restaurants and eateries in London.

7. How to get from London to Paris

Really, you can't come all the way to London and miss Paris, can you? Getting to Paris is actually a lot easier than you think. Here are some tips to help you along.

8. How to get to Bicester Village discount shopping outlet

If you are looking for discount outlet shopping in London, you'll be sorely disappointed. But there is one major discount outlet mall not too far from London.

9. Top ten exhibits at British Museum

If you are in London for only a couple of days, it's unlikely that you'll have the entire day to spend at the British Museum. Here's a list of must see exhibits if you are in a hurry.

10. Legoland Windsor - your kid will love you for this

Granted that London isn't exactly known for being a children's destination. If yours got bored of castles, kings and queens, why not take a day trip to Legoland, which is within an hour from London central?

11. 8 Common Mistakes First Time Visitors to London make

The title says it all. You wouldn't want to be guilty of that, do you? And what NOT to do in Leicester Square.

12. Getting around London quickly 

Yes, the Tube and buses should get you around London quickly most of the time. But if you are in a hurry, you shouldn't really be spending your time trying to figure around the public transport system. If you have access to a smartphone and the internet (wifi or 3G services), this is the one for you.

Oh, don't forget to get your copy of London in a Weekend. Welcome to London!

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