Who am I?

Having moved to London a couple of summers back, I'm still discovering London bit by bit. Coming from a tiny tropical isle where it's always warm and humid (30C is the norm back home), the weather here in London helps quite a bit.

Well, you could take the Singaporean out of Singapore but I suppose being the typical Singaporean, I love my food to bits. After posting a bit about the restaurants and eateries in London, I've set up London Chow, which focuses on where to eat and where to avoid.

Along the way, I receive emails every now and then from people who are thinking considering moving on to London and I thought that compiling a London Accomodation Guide would be useful. Well, it's definitely not exhaustive but hey, it comes from a chap who has been through through all that.

Someone asked about covering London within as short a time as possible and here's One Day in London. Staying in London for longer? Check out London in a Weekend guide. Thinking of how to get to London from HeathrowCost of living in London? Ok, ok, you get the idea.

Interestingly, people like to ask me whether I like it here in London. Well, I guess I would have left I don't and here's why I am still in London.

Do drop me an email at londonchow[at]singaporeaninlondon[dot]com if you have any questions. Or better still have new posts delivered right to you by subscribing via rss or via email.

London Chow

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