Carpet Cleaning in London and Around The World

I have travelled a lot. Everywhere I go I am interested to see how different guys clean carpet (I am a carpet cleaner, right). I truly believe that England is one of the leading carpeted floors countries in the world. The  English just love their carpet. Fact.

Singaporean carpet cleaning North London

Now, I was born in North London and I totally understand what is the difference between a cosy soft floor covering and a cold polished ceramic tile. I have family in Singapore where the weather is very hot all year long. You just can’t have carpet under your feet. You need something to cool you down. Hence there is less carpet in South East Asia compared to the UK.

So, you’ve guessed correctly, there wasn’t much to learn from meeting Singaporean carpet cleaners, simply because there are not so many of them around. But I have been to the States where carpet is very popular. Due to this fact the carpet cleaning industry is big and therefore lots to learn from fellow technicians.

I am planning to start blogging about the different methods, tips and tricks used all over the world but can help you maintain your carpet in top condition. I just need to find the time to write as I am very busy serving you, guys 😉

Till the next time.

SCC out.

Carpet Cleaning in London and Around The World

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